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What kind of bathing suit to wear under a wet suit (im a girl)?

Hi I'm going to be going swimming in water that is about 50 deg soon and am going to be wearing a wet suit, i was wondering what kind of bathing suit i should wear like a 1-piece, or bikini is one going to keep me warmer then the other ? or is one going to be more comfy then the other ?

thanks!What kind of bathing suit to wear under a wet suit (im a girl)?
Well im a guy and i swam a mile swim in the ocean last year. I saw a lot girls wearing once pieces and sliding the wetsuite over that so i would say go with the one peace. Proboly more comfortable, warm, and it would make it easy for you to open and close your wetsuite. What kind of bathing suit to wear under a wet suit (im a girl)?
I'm a guy and I wear a one piece knee-suit like this....鈥?/a>

it gives a bit extra warmth and protection from rash off the wetsuit neoprene material
Don't think either choice will keep you warmer or not, the wet suit has to take care of that.

Comfortability, you would have to test that.

At what age do you stop bathing your boy & girl toddlers together?

I agree that it depends on the children. However, bath time can be a really useful one to one time once children start school - they may choose this time to confide in you or just chat, because they feel safe and relaxed. So maybe it is good from this point of view to occasionally spend this time with your bigger child on their own.At what age do you stop bathing your boy %26amp; girl toddlers together?
I would say it's probably fine up until about 4-5 or until they start to notice the difference.At what age do you stop bathing your boy %26amp; girl toddlers together?
like 4 or 5 i remeber bathing with my mom and sister and its horrible ugh. lmfao. beieve you dont wanna remeber these things. the earlier the better
I am on the other side of this question because if they are brother and sister and they are bathing together whats the big deal? Let them go as long as they want. Its not what we think its what they think! It won't be a big deal if you don't make it one.My girlfriends kids still take baths together and she is 8 and he is 5 and they don't even care or know to care. I say when they ask then change the routine!
I would think age 3 is a good cut off. I used to babysit kids, though, who were 4b, 6g, and 8b, and their mother bathed them all together. That's a bit old in my opinion. It all depends, though. Like, if the older is 4 and bathing with a 2 year old, I don't see anything wrong with that. But 3 is probably generally a good age to go with separate baths, and maybe even try to introduce showers.

Good luck!
I'd say about 4 or 5. That's the age they're starting to be curious about the opposite sex and then they should be separated. At 2 or 3 they start to realise that little girls and little boys are not quite the same, and that's cute, but after 5 it's not so cute anymore and I think it's time to begin bathing them separately.
At 65... They still bath together but I dont bath them anymore.
well if you are asking this question it is probably near ;)

I would say as soon as your mom feelings start to think that it is time !
When one feels shy or if they start trying to touch each other's privates stop bathing them together. Otherwise, let them splash around together, no biggy.
I would stop around about age four or five. or when they start fighting and there is more water on the floor than in the tub!
I guess when the start becoming modest. I would say about 4 or up
Just my opinion I think 3 years old they start asking questions about parts. These kids are smarter today. Ten years ago I would have said 4 years old.
generally, it depends upon the ';nature %26amp; nurture'; environment of the children we are referring to.. but as much as possible, once the kids start to talk, that's the best time for them to bathe apart. but then again, if the family has strong moral values, bathing together is not a problem if the kids are mature enough to be made aware %26amp; feel comfortable of their own separate %26amp; distinct sexuality.
When they are 4 that is what I plan on doing except my 3 kids under 3 bathe it together is easier
I think that when they start realizing that they are different, which is usually around 3 or 4 years old, depending on the child. I work in childcare, and the 3-year-old class does not close the door to use the bathroom, but the 4-year-olds close the door. Some children realize earlier then others, so this would be a good time to separate. Others, it is not until 4-years of age that they realize.
Haha I remember having a bath with my little sister yeeeaaars ago, and she got a razor and shaved her butt haha, not as bad as when I shaved my dry face when I was a little younger...
about 5 years old and start school because you dont want them in school talking about PARTS

Some fat girls laughed at me when I walked by in my bathing suit. Why are people so mean?

I'm so self consious about myself and when I walked by them, they all looked at me and laughed. I even heard one say ';Omg, wow.'; Wtf is wrong with people? I went to the bathroom to see if I had something stuck on me or anything, but no I was fine. If people are going to make fun of people, they should either do it so you can't hear them, or just come up straight in your face and tell you. I wanted to yell at those stupid girls and tell them that at least I can find a bathing suit my size!!!!Some fat girls laughed at me when I walked by in my bathing suit. Why are people so mean?
people put other people down to make themselves feel better

my one friend had that happen to her and she is the most beautiful girl...but people think if they put someone down that that makes them better somehow.

I had stuff like this happen to me not so much since i've left high school and i know no matter what people say that comment is going to bother you because it's harder to believe the bad then the good but just know that people don't really say things like that to people who are really fat and people don't go up to ugly people and say their ugly

it's just the ones that they think has to much going for them that they feel the need to bring downSome fat girls laughed at me when I walked by in my bathing suit. Why are people so mean?
Jealousy. The more people hate someone else and can be mean to them, makes them feel better about themselves. we see it all the time. people just love to hate. If a fat girl can laugh at another girl in a bikini or something like that its like, hey I feel better about myself.

Usually its a girl thinks another girl is better looking than her so its ohhhh shes a slut or i bet shes a skank or oh shes fat, when its not true, it just makes them feel better about themselves to think that there is something wrong with you
don't worry about it.

hahaaha if they were fat me and my friends probably laughed at them.

and we probably looked goofy when we did it so someone else probably laughed at us. Its a never ending vicous cycle but whatever. you should of pointed at there cellulite and went muahahaha.
they are only making fun of you because they are upset with your own body. Don't feel bad, if you feel good in a bathing suit, own it, others opinions shouldn't matter, i know that sounds hard to do, but if you do it you will feel a ton better!
They want to feel better about their insecurities, so they make fun of people who have no problems with themselves.

Self-Consciousness is a scary, deranged, and twisted thing.
you remember all those guys you allowed into your bedroom; they have fat sisters.
They were so jealous they had to laugh to keep from crying.
why would they do that, those people should go to hell, I would love to see you in a bathing suit
they are just jealous
can i get a pic of u in you bathing suit. () : ) are looking so great!!

I don't get it...

Wanna show me your outfit?

It's so insane these days.They're just trying to make themselves feel better. Guess it doesn't matter whether they were fat or thin or what, when people are in bathing suits, it always turns into a judging session. None of my family is perfectly thin and I've often heard stories from my mum that when she and my sister have gone to a pool over the years there's been some really stuck up, glamourous mother with her clone daughter sunning themselves on the side of the pool, staring at them and whispering. It is an extremely rare thing for me to put on a bathing suit. I have not gone to a public pool in years. At the beach, I don't even wear proper shorts because I am self conscious about my legs. I usually wear three quarter length jeans or shorts or actual jeans and a t shirt and just wade around in the water. At motel pools, I only go if no one else is using the pool. If someone else comes I can relax if I see that they're just going about their business, but if I see a couple of girls or even guys who have much better bodies I unfortunately assume that they will laugh at me and I am out of there.
girls can be such b!tches to each's unbelievable...

it's because the fat girls are self-concious, they're unsatisfied with their lives and their bodies and to make themselves feel better, they make fun of other people. it's kind of really pathetic. don't even worry about them, and next time it happens just look them in the eye and smile. let them know they can say anything about you that they want, and it won't bother you because you're comfortable with who you are and how you look. you gotta have self pride and you can't let stupid people get you down. :)
They are gay and want to sleep with you.

What is the difference between a bathing girl and praying girl?

A praying girl gets holy water, and a bathing girl gets water in the holy.What is the difference between a bathing girl and praying girl?
Nothing, they are both cleansing their soul.What is the difference between a bathing girl and praying girl?
well a bathing is cleaning and a praying girl is bowing to the lord so there is a lil difference but their both cleaning there souls

Why does our society view a girl in a bathing suit as being somehow different then a girl in her panties?

most girls would never go around in public wearing just the bra and panties they wouldnt want just anybody to see them with such revealing clothing on but then the same girls will have absolutely no issue with runnin around in a bathing suit or bikini which in alot of cases shows more then underwear would. what makes it different to you? your showing the same stuff.Why does our society view a girl in a bathing suit as being somehow different then a girl in her panties?
I think society does view them the same, even though we say different things about them. When you see two Internet ads, one with a girl in panties and one with a girl in a bikini, what's different about them? Nothing at all. The message is the same. And when a (pretty) girl in a bikini walks by, even at the beach or pool, doesn't she get the same glances from men that she'd get if she was just wearing her underwear? Don't men have the same challenge not to stare as they would in the other case?

So, we see them the same, but we choose to lie about it in public, and say one is ';o.k.'; and the other isn't, because... oh, I don't know... we're a race of liars. Either they're both o.k., or neither of them is. I agree with your opinion.Why does our society view a girl in a bathing suit as being somehow different then a girl in her panties?
I don't know good point.
I thin it is just the way society is. it is a taboo to be seen in your underwear, but it is okay to be seen in a two piece bikini. What is the difference? they both cover the same thing.
I have often wondered this myself. It just depends on the situation. When I was in 1st grade I remember a girl being sent home for coming to school in her swim suit. That's just bad parenting.
Panties are thinner. And a girl in a bikini just means she's ready for a swim or a tan. A girl in her panties and bra means she's ready for action.
I don't know. I've pondered this before. I remember one time I was out in my front yard, spraying down patio furniture in my bra and underwear, and a neighbor's car drove by. I remember getting all embarrassed, hoping it looked like I was wearing a mismatched bikini from the road. To this day, I still don't understand why I reacted the way I did. If it weren't for material or water-proofiness, the two would be interchangable, wouldn't they? I mena guys wear boxer shorts as swim trunks all the time, right?
Interesting isn't it? Same thing: if a guy was at a beach, being shirtless would be perfectly natural, but if he shows up to the office shirtless it's a scandal. The psychology of different contexts, I suppose.
I always wondered about that too. But I'm not complaining, mind you!

: ^ )
Although it is weird...knowing is what makes the difference. People see things in their minds eye. They see underwear they think indecent exposure. They see bathing suit they think swimwear. It's in our heads, it's been programmed. Plus, most underwear, when wet, shows what's underneath pretty clearly.
You are right, they could run around naked, wouldn't bother me any. The problem is the ones who shouldn't are the first to go topless, the ones you would like to see, usually don't.
  • sheer makeup
  • The girl next door knock on my door and ask for some sugar while she was in a bath towel?

    i gave her some milk what was i to doThe girl next door knock on my door and ask for some sugar while she was in a bath towel?
    ***** HERThe girl next door knock on my door and ask for some sugar while she was in a bath towel?
    I think what she wanted to talk about was crop rotation in the 14th century
    She didn't ask for milk, she asked for sugar. You were supposed to give her sugar. Duh!
    Why did you give her milk when she asked for some sugar? Maybe you should have invited her in......
    some milk?? that's hot!
    wowwwwwwwwwww baby someone is about to get lucky and get some
    it depends on what colour was the towel? If red, she means romance!If pink, just kiss!If anyother color, just give her the sugar.Was she drunk by the way?
    You should have asked her is she wanted white or brown just to be polite.
    Hope she was happy
    Lordy, what kind of sugar did she want???

    did you give her 2% or whole mill ////??? lol lol lol
    Go to her house and remove ur clothes and her clothes and ***** her
    you should have invited her in for some coffee
    Why the milk?..she wanted sugar.....she may never come back now.
    Grow up and smell the women
    good to hear you tagged that A**
    you were suppose to kiss her
    WOW.. I wish a girl would come to my door in a towel..better yet NOTHING I would give her something besides sugar
    should had poor it for her
    you could have offered to take her towel for her.
    invite her in, and ask if she needed help with the towel

    This girl wanted to take a pic of me holding a wet hotel bath towel with my...?

    ...Johnson, to keep in her purse! Women in the past have asked for photographs of me lying naked or photographing us going at there some kind of female satisfaction in being able to show off to her friends?This girl wanted to take a pic of me holding a wet hotel bath towel with my...?
    Maybe she just really likes to see your 'Johnson'. Might seem a bit wrong or perverted but, I keep may pics of my online friends's 'Johnson's in a folder online. Like to look at them. :). No different then a guy watching porn %26amp; looking a girly mags.Who says they showing it off? I keep them for my own privite viewing. That is were girls are differenet then guys, guys will show other guys, girls don't.This girl wanted to take a pic of me holding a wet hotel bath towel with my...?
    Nothing is wrong with that, fulfill her wishes and make her happy! U luckuy dude!

    All the best!/
    ED.... No satisfaction here - Did this actually happen or are you're hoping for it to happen ...
    may be she will build a porno site for u... congrats!!!
    *Cough* *Cough*


    But you do noe its illegal to do so in S'pore right??

    Anyway... Its not for most of the guys...

    Its just you =P

    Post one of your pics here and we'll see what we can do for you... hahas... Joking XD
    No...mostly they show it to other females to show their prowess in being able to manipulate a dumb man into doing something man and having a laugh at his expense.
    Is Johnson another guy ??