Friday, January 22, 2010

Little boy and little girl taking bath together?

My 3 year old son took a bath with his little 5 year old friend who is a girl. Her mom is fine with it because they're so young, nothing wrong with it. How do most parents feel about this? boy girl taking bath together would you have allowed it or not and why?Little boy and little girl taking bath together?
I dont see anything wrong in that.Obviously this cant go on for too much longer but for now they are just innocent kidsLittle boy and little girl taking bath together?
I think 5 is a bit old- they have more of a concept of nudity and their bodies functions. I think the cut off age for oppostie sex bathing in my book is about 3. But its different with each kid and each situation. If its not a questionable activities between you all and the kids its probably fine. I just dont think I would, personally, as they have a conceopt of nuduty at this age and not so much a concept of who should be part of that nudity. If one little boy is okay, or one little girl is okay, why not others?

But its totally up to you to decide based on this particular situation.
Yeah know...children are so curious at that age that I would not feel comfortable with Jasper or Mya having a bath with anyone unless maybe it was family or something. Jasper had a bath with his cousin when he was like 3 and Mya has had a bubble bath with Nana but she had a bathing suit on cause Mya is older now and asking questions. It only makes sense to take certain steps towards sheilding them from unnecassary situations or information. I mean kids being naked it cool but to a point...and age. Jasper is 5 and Mya is 3 so they now bath seperatly....they started to bring attention to eachother's parts and I talked with them about certain things and then told them they were big now and could have bath time seperatly. Both mine were fine with it.
I don't see anything wrong with it at that age.

Some people are so uptight about nudity. Their kids are the ones giggling and not paying attention in sex ed because *gasp* there's a picture of a penis!

I think it's better if children don't grow up thinking it's so taboo and 'forbidden'. Curiosity killed the cat.
3 to 5 years of age is about the limit for either sex,,if it were a nudist family than there is no limit but its openly discussed from the beginning
Its totally harmless.
I think it's fine right now.

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