Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pre-teen& Teen girls.Do you bath/shower with your infant/toddler sister?

I'm asking this since I'm 13yrs old and have a 2yr old sister who we are close and bonded.Ever since she was born I was a 2nd mom to her and my mom's helper since she's sometimes busy.Anyways this includes when my mom asks me to take my 2y.o sister either a bath or shower take off my clothes and get in the bath that way it's more convenient plus conserving water, plus not having my clothes splashed with water.

The question is do any of you preteen/teen (i.e 10-16y.o) girls here in America strip down either take a bath and or shower with you younger infant/toddler sister?

The reason I ask this is since I one time both of my parents were out to run errands, and my big brother was at home with my little sister and me.My mom asked me to take her a shower/bath and my friend was supposed to come hang out and help with her homework, that she could come inside if she wanted to.When I was in the bath helping my sister bath her, my friend knocked on the door, my brother answered it and said that I was going to meet her within 15 minutes.15 minutes later when I met her in the living room I told her that ';I was in the bathroom helping my little sister bath while I was taking a bath.';She got this puzzled raised eyebrow look at her face, like what I was doing was weird.I explained to her that there's nothing wrong helping a same sex sibling take a bath while taking a bath yourself at the same time.

So this brings me this question if this is less common in America.Since both of my parents where born Australia, both sides of my parents had parents born and raised in Europe, including European indoor laid back attitude towards nudity.

I personally don't see anything wrong as long it's same sex..Pre-teen%26amp; Teen girls.Do you bath/shower with your infant/toddler sister?
lol im exactly like u im a 13 yr old girl and i have a 3yr old lil basically her second mommy and were so close to each other..and i think it is perfectly normal..i take showers with my sis all the time..just as long as were both comfortable..its absolutely fine if ur the same sex and siblings..;)Pre-teen%26amp; Teen girls.Do you bath/shower with your infant/toddler sister?
in america after ur 10 its just a little weird to do that she's 2 and i can understand where your coming from but you keep doing it if you want to i did that for a bit when i was younger but i dont anymore im 16
nothing wrong with it my 11 year old and 4 year old daughters bathe together! as long as both kids are comfy with the situation i dont see a problem. your friend probably does not have a sibling that is alot younger than her so she just dosent get it
theres nothing rong w it, if ur sisters and same sex. but its a little weird...
I don't see nething wrong with the same sex either, ive had to take showers with girls i didn't know in school and even in girlscouts with different ages and that was my only option and no one cares about that. At least you're related and youve got to help her anyways. i guess some ppl are sensitive, but if you're only showering then who cares
'; European indoor laid back attitude towards nudity. ';

i live in england and their is no such thing .. Well actauli its completli

opposite to laid back ..

anyway its very weird for you being thirteen and your sister being two to bath togther in my opinion but hey if your not bothered then why are you asking ..
well i think its ok if your young and shower wit your baby sis... but now that your getting older and hitting puberty you dont want your 2 year old sister asking why you have hair on your vag or why you have boobs popping out.... its not something a 2yr old needs to know. and you should tell your mom that also

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